01 December, 2020

Playback Artistes’ Pratfalls

When talk turns to Indo-Pak tension, Indian TV is lost in a cloud of foamy blether. Its Pakistani guests are fed up.

Playback Artistes’ Pratfalls

The Indian electronic media has it easy. The Pakistan government allows it to broadcast and telecast live footage from Pakistan. However, the courtesy is not returned by New Delhi. Pakistani broadcasters have to record footage from India before they are telecast back home, and special permission has to be taken from the Indian government for telecasting live from India.

Over the past few years, there has also been mounting disgruntlement amongst leading Pakistani journalists and experts in other fields—‘guests’ at current affairs shows on Indian news television—about how the Indian media contrives to ‘trap’ them into a situation where they rarely get a chance to get their views across. These Pakistani visitors to the hurly-burly of Indian TV ask why an otherwise professional Indian media bursts into a concerted blast of jingoism whenever ‘reporting’ a controversial issue related to India-Pakistan bilateral relations?

Many experts that Outlook approached amidst the virulent tension along the LoC have...



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