04 August, 2021

Plattermania 2015

Vatsala Mamgain dives into last year’s recipe files and reminds us what was hot

Plattermania 2015

Baba Ramdev announ­ces his foray into food. Move over Jamie Oliver, we’ve now got our very own torso-proud chef who will purvey to us noodles with jadi booti and with a side glance. I think that’s possibly the biggest, brightest and best food news from 2015.

Maggi, which had been unfairly banned, is now unbanned. Its reappearance has restored the jobs of a few million Nepali chefs at every roadside dhaba and canteen.

Beef has been banned in a few more states. This protects the sentiments of a few million—and limits the protein intake of a few billion others. This has also led to a if-a-butterfly-flutters-its-wings-in-the-Amazon-there-will-be-floods-in-Florida type upsurge in traffic problems.

The Kardashian-isation of our tables is now complete. Every rump and every breast was lovingly buffed, polished and art directed to perfection, and then photographed with filters for greedy voyeurs on social media. Porn is so 2010 bro, it’s #foodporn that’s...

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