27 February, 2021

Plan A...Ain't? Here's Plan A+

The first media audit outfit in India, Spatial Access is helping advertisers get more bang for their buck

Plan A...Ain't? Here's Plan A+
Meenakshi Madhvani is both hated and admired in advertising circles. For she's the new auditor in town; but instead of putting financials under her magnifying lens, Meenakshi does post-mortems, or biopsies as she prefers to call them, of media plans chalked out by ad agencies. What that implies is that her firm, Spatial Access Solutions, launched just over a year ago, gives dispassionate views on how corporates and their agencies could have got more bang out of their buck. Spatial Access tells them what was wrong with their media plans and media buying strategies, and how can it be fixed. Naturally then, the lady is unlikely to be high on media planners' popularity charts.

Says Madhvani, who spent many years with a media buying house before setting up Spatial, "We hired a researcher to speak to 25 top advertisers to assess whether the time was right to start a media audit firm." While they agreed that media audits were necessary, they added that they didn't really need an audit firm as their internal systems and procedures were adequate to address the issues. Obviously, ad...

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