24 June, 2021

Plain Old Yolk Wisdom

People end up ‘watching’ calories without realising that they don’t know how to convert these calories into ‘food’.

Plain Old Yolk Wisdom

The cholesterol panic has created a panic over fat, which we see reflected in the fear of the yellow of the egg. A fear so great, even children are not given eggs. Parents don’t realise that eggs are a complete food, with every nutrient—protein, iron, minerals—except Vitamin C. We know that an egg four or five times a week will do adults much good, but in children it is extremely important. Its fats are essential for the body—every cell has a fatty layer; the whole body is protected by fat. The WHO says that children must get 30-40 per cent of daily calories from fat.

Now consider ghee and this fear of fat. One tablespoon of ghee has nine grams saturated fat—equal to the fat contained in 100 grams of raw rice. But rice isn’t eaten raw, and when cooked, it expands. The sad part is that adults afraid of fat deprive children of ghee, forgetting that children’s stomachs are too small to eat enough rice to substitute ghee. They would have to eat nine times the volume of ghee! Ghee is concentra­ted calories and it’s...

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