24 October, 2020

Pizzazz In A Pineapple Frock

Fruity fabrics and ‘waste not, want not’: sustainable ­fashion is on the ascendant

Industrial waste fabric (100 per cent ­cotton) pressed into service by sustainable fashion label Doodlage
Pizzazz In A Pineapple Frock

Bananas, pineapples, coconuts...no, this isn’t the recipe for a strange, strange fruit salad. Rather, these materials—banana fibre, coconut malai and piñatex, a fabric made from pineapple—are among the latest high-concept cloth choices in eco-fashion. Banana fibre is, in fact, already employed by sustainable fashion label Doodlage, while malai and piñatex are high on HR’s waiting list. And that worn-out adage about waste and want may shuffle in one day to find itself installed with pride of place in a ­place of the highest honour: when Doodlage founder Kriti Tula shows us a laptop case she’s made for herself, with intricate designs on ­ink-blue and indigo waste cloth, it’s hard not to be impressed.

Even as industrial waste from textile factories lays waste to the environment, sustainable fashion practices, which aim to have a positive impact through an ethical and meticulous choice of materials and dyes, are slowly marking out a space for themselves. Uttarakhand-born Kriti tells Outlook, “For me, the...



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