19 June, 2021

Pirates Of The Caribbean

A wonderful entertainer, thrilling, engrossing and stylish

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Starring: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley
Director: Gore Verbinski
Rating: ***

You thought they were dead and defunct. But the wily pirates blow up the screen in Verbinski's triumphant new adventure yarn. They come in all shades and tones: there's the likeable and flamboyant Jack Sparrow (Depp), the pock-marked and menacing Captain Barbossa (Rush) and thousands of his roguish, bizarre crew. Together they make Pirates... a wonderful entertainer, thrilling, engrossing and stylish. There are enough sword fights, sea battles and sieges to keep you in thrall. But the swash-buckler is unique in the way it blends high action with small lashings of horror and huge dollops of humour, a fine mix of dainty British wit and broad farce.

Captain Barbossa attacks the town of Port Royale, kidnapping the governor's daughter Elizabeth (Knightley). Elizabeth's childhood friend, young blacksmith Will Turner...

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