15 June, 2021

Pills That Kill

Do you keep popping pills and yet that headache or fever won't go away? The tablets could be just plain chalk. Worse, even many life-saving drugs are fake.

Pills That Kill
  • Last month, part of a drug consignment meant for Delhi Municipal Corporation-run dispensaries was found to be fake.

  • One crore rupees worth of spurious drugs, seized recently in Patna, included fake labels of reputed firms like Morepen, Ranbaxy and IPCA.

  • In south India, Madurai, Coimbatore and Salem have become major supply centres for illegal medicines.

  • The main dealer of spurious drugs found in Gujarat was traced to border district Sriganganagar in Rajasthan.

The weapons of mass destruction are right here! Whoever you are, and wherever you are—Srinagar or Kanyakumari, Mumbai or Muzaffarnagar, big city, small town or a village—you could be at risk. Each time you visit the neighbourhood chemist shop, you may be buying 'death' medicines. Some of these can surely kill, a few are harmless but have no medicinal value, and others have lower potency than what's mentioned on their labels. Each one of us has been the hapless victim—knowingly or unknowingly—of this fast-growing illegal industry that is now spreading its ugly tentacles...

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