27 November, 2020

Pick The Gold Standards

Our very own dal-khichdi, when eaten with a serving of ghee, makes for a complete meal.

Illustration by Saahil
Pick The Gold Standards

F ive things we can change in 2016 when it comes to food (and these are valid for everyone, inclu­ding diabetics, the obese and heart patients).

  1. Don’t buy food items that are not in season. This also implies getting more in touch with agricultural practices so that we know what grows when.
  2. Patronise NUS foods. NUS is ‘Neglected and underutilised species’ and is a UNFAO term for healthy/ therapeutic local foods which have fallen out of favour because they have an image of being ‘poor man’s food’—jackfruit, jamun, bor etc. Buying them will give poor farmers a reason to grow them before they go extinct.
  3. Chose the right oils: Coconut/ groundnut/ mustard are the original cooking oils of India. Just because they are not marketed as ‘heart healthy’ or ‘a certain nutr­ient rich’ doesn’t mean they are not. In fact, they are excellent for health and blend well with our cooking style. Of course, the gold standard...


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