22 June, 2021

Photo Essay | The Kumbh Of Street Art

A tide of graffiti talent takes over Allahabad

Photo Essay | The Kumbh Of Street Art

Allahabad has a new name. And Prayagraj has been busy painting a new picture.  A ‘paint my city’ campaign is transforming the recently rec­hristened holy city with graffiti. The Kumbh Mela organising committee has asked around five art agencies to fill nearly 3 lakh sq-feet of the city with colourful murals. The brief is straight: ­mythology around Kumbh, the history of ­Allahabad and social programmes of the government. The budget: around Rs 30 crore. The idea of commissioned graffiti might not go too well with a ­rebellious ­Allahabad Banksy, but talented street artists from across cities have interpreted the brief in spectacular ways, adding colour and vibrancy to the city’s walls. The painting effort is part of prep­arations for the Kumbh Mela in ­January next year.

Here’s a peek into some of the artists’ interpretations of the mythologies and histories associated with Allahabad. We caught a...

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