21 April, 2021

Phoolan Devi

The Bandit Queen now says she should be given the Nobel Prize

Phoolan Devi
Do you feel you deserve the Nobel peace prize ?
Why not? I feel I should definitely get it. If a backward women like me gets it, not only India, but the whole world will be proud.

Why should you be considered for the prize?
The world knows how much injustice was done to me. No matter what I've been called, the fact remains that injustice was done.

Whose idea was it to nominate your name?
Women's organisations from the world over have recommended my name. On my way to Mumbai, a member of the British Parliament told me that they had recommended my name. I've now been invited by women's organisations to relate my story.

Would you consider yourself in the same league as Nelson Mandela?
His area of work was different, but he also fought against social injustice.

Do you feel marginalised in politics today?
Not at all. I am very much part of the political process. It's just that since I'm unwell, I don't move around too much.

What's on your agenda in politics?
I want to work for...

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