02 August, 2021

Phoolan Devi

From Bandit Queen to ballot queen, Phoolan discusses her new political role

Phoolan Devi
What made you join politics ?
No, but then I had to enter politics anyway. To work for the socially oppressed, one needs power. And one can have that only of one joins politics.

Which issues do you plan to tackle as an MP?
The BJP only talks of gou raksha (protection of cows). What is important for me is the raksha of women's dignity, and the lives of human beings in general.

Which ministry would you choose if you were offered one?
I would like to take charge of the department that monitors the police. To set the erring policemen right is the most important issue in front of us.

But what's so questionable about the police system?
They protect the paisewallah (the moneyed), they allow the privileged to go berserk and do whatever they want.

You have recently released your autobiography. Why?
It was essential to reveal the true story of my life, to erase misconceptions about me. I will also get royalty which will enable me to work for the socially oppressed.

What is your latest stand...

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