02 August, 2021

Phoolan Devi

The Bandit Queen is on to new things. She's writing and directing a celluloid autobiography, Phoolan Ki Kasam.

Phoolan Devi
What made you take the decision to attempt your own movie version of your life?
(Censored) they think they can (censored) with my (censored) life? I (censored) everyone. I'll show those (censored). Just wait and see.

Who's financing the film?
I've been talking to Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited. But doesn't matter, if those (censored) don't do it, I shall go to the people, I shall ask for one rupee from each downtrodden family. You see what I can do. I'll show those (censored).

Who's directing it?
Who else but me, (censored)?

The leading lady, I suppose, would be you?
Of course. There is only one Phoolan.

And the hero?
I've talked to Bachchanji.

Is there a second choice, if he doesn't agree?
I like Govinda. He dances well.

Does that mean there'll be songs and dances in the film?
Of course! Otherwise, (censored), how do you expect the film to run? We've already recorded six songs. That boy Rahman has used some Bundeli folk tunes. Bahut achchha...

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