06 December, 2020

Pervez Mistry

The martial arts expert plans to launch Fighting Fit, the first magazine of its kind

Pervez Mistry
Why are you launching the magazine ?
Health reports that appear in newspaper are cosmetic. I want to educate people on its better aspaects, andf remove the fear psychosis that the arts inspire.

Are there many pseudo experts in your field?
There is no regulatory body, as in other fields. Recently two children were killed because instructors had not taken the necessary precautions. We have to weed out such people.

But there will be no cohesion if experts in your field are more interested in only exposing each other. Why do you take potshots at each other?
People fight. Martial arts does not. People have egos. Once a youth, in a tiff over parking space, punched me in my stomach. I just strengthened my stomach, while he broke his fist. The martial arts scene is like this.

Isn't competition incompatible with the Zen philosophy?
One cannot get away from competition. Sports can only channelise this natural aggression. I hope to achieve that through my magazine.

Will the magazine be targeted only at fitness...


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