12 May, 2021

Perfect Case Of Relations Souring

An angry bureaucrat slams the Kejriwal regime, wonders why it shouldn’t go

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Perfect Case Of Relations Souring

In India, IAS officers have been blamed for every ailment that afflicts the country—they are undoubtedly resp­onsible in reasonable part for both policy design and execution err­ors. But never bef­ore has the country seen a good officer of chief secretary rank assaulted and abused in the presence of a chief minister. Doesn’t that make the CM a co-conspirator in crime, thus prove that the case is one  of breakdown of governance? If it was ind­eed a meeting on rations, why at midni­ght? Why were the civil supplies minister and secretary not present?

I will simply list some facts, data and evidence—and leave it to the reader to judge whether the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi doesn’t warrant dismi­ssal under the Constitution to be replaced by a regime that respects rules. Constitu­tional authorities must analyse those documented 30-odd serious violations of law from 2015 till date and then take a call on whether legally—not just morally—this government should exist or perish.

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