31 October, 2020

'People Of The Party In Power Are Themselves Into Extortion'

Julio Ribeiro, who has served as police chief in Mumbai and Punjab, earned the sobriquet of a supercop in the '80s. He spoke to Outlook on why the underworld has tightened its grip on the city. Excerpts:

'People Of The Party In Power Are Themselves Into Extortion'

How do you react to the spurt in crime in the city?

There are various factors. As population increases, so does crime. But there are other factors too. There has been a change in the value system. The middle class wants to get rich without working. They are looking for short-cuts. And very often they end up seeking the help of the underworld. Unfortunately, getting rich without working has also caught up with the police. This has made matters worse.

How do you think the problem can be tackled?

We have to first accept that extortions have gone through the roof. To bring order the entire climate has to change. The police has to act at all levels. Even small cases of extortion have to be investigated. If this is done, the message goes out that the police means business. The underworld will then go underground. But the difficulty is that people belonging to the party in power are themselves into extortion.

Can the police normalise the situation if it is given a free hand?

If the government wants the police to act, the police should be given...



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