15 June, 2021

‘People Of India Know Better’

A combative union commerce minister puts forth his views on FDI in retail

Jitender Gupta
‘People Of India Know Better’

As the Opposition maintains its tirade against the government on FDI in multi-brand retail, a combative Union commerce minister Anand Sharma puts forth his views to Lola Nayar:

Is fear of the foreign retailer part of Indian political consciousness?

We do not know. We have to take decisions...and it has been done in the best interests of the country. I don’t think the people of India are thinking the same way (as the protesters). The farmers are not agitating. In fact, the farmers are planning an agitation to oppose those opposing FDI. Let us see, in the next few days which farmer group takes what position. Whether they are the Left or the BJP affiliate unions of farmers.

But are their fears unjustified?

These people are spreading canards and misleading people. The BJP is full of double standards, hypocrisy and cynicism. As far as the Left is concerned, God help the country. They can’t see beyond the tip of their nose.

Is it...

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