08 March, 2021

‘People Know What The Congress And BJP Are. They Don’t Know AAP.’

Delhi chief minister on not giving up the fight

Narendra Bisht
‘People Know What The Congress And BJP Are. They Don’t Know AAP.’

Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit is making a bid for the gaddi for the fourth time. She talks to Panini Anand about not giving up the fight:

Why should people vote for you the fourth time and put the Congress in government?

It’s a fair question. It should be posed to the people. In the last three elections, they chose the Congress.

Fifteen years is a long time to have led a state. What are the challenges ahead?

Delhi has changed in these 15 years; in other cities, these changes would have taken many decades. Delhi is varied, vibrant and cosmopolitan. It has many firsts—the Metro, a good health service, good education, good growth rate. But the city needs water and housing, especially for the poor. Traffic management is also a challenge.

As a woman CM, how do you feel when everyone says women are unsafe in Delhi?

It’s tragic that women feel like this. There is a sense of not feeling safe in the capital...

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