18 June, 2021

Peacemaker In Trouble

The Likud's win is a blow for Clinton in an election year

Peacemaker In Trouble
AFTER staking everything on the reelection of Shimon Peres, the Clinton administration was sent reeling by Peres' loss in the Israeli polls. With no strategy in place to deal with Benjamin Netanyahu's unexpected success, Washington was caught off-guard. Analysts have painted the outcome as not only a setback for the West Asia peace process, but also an impediment to President Bill Clinton's election year self-portrait as a peacemaker.

 Clinton could be left with some unpalatable choices—between letting Netanyahu freeze the peace process, thus risking a tidal wave of Islamic fundamentalist violence or trying to pressure the new Israeli government and jeopardizing his own high standing among American Jews in an election year.

Clinton's scarcely-veiled support to Peres has also brought censure that he went too far in tacitly endorsing the Labour Party in Israel,thus imposing himself on another country's polls. "Clinton was Peres' campaign manager," said New York State assemblyman Dov Hikind, whose Brooklyn district is home to many ultra-orthodox Jews.


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