03 December, 2020

Peace Is Elsewhere

After successfully containing Bush's 'mad cowboy disease', the west's enlightened public should urgently turn its attention to Saddam. That's the only way out.

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Peace Is Elsewhere
That the war on Iraq has been stalled is a tribute to the power and beauty of western democracy. It's the ordinary citizens of the western world who inspired the entire international community to affirm their will. They didn't want war. So they poured out into the streets and said so. Forcefully, effectively, but peacefully. It is testimony to the power of the western civil society. Here is a group of people who don't blindly follow their government's aims, are too intelligent and well-informed to fall prey to official propaganda, make up their own minds, hold on to important values and then come out of their cocoons to do something about it: they were sending chain e-mails, using the Internet to nail government lies, organising street demonstrations, holding seminars, making themselves visible and heard.

Across the US and Europe—from ordinary citizens to celebrities, from an unknown Kentucky waitress to Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon—citizens had the courage to stand up and be counted, even go publicly and vociferously against their own governments because they are...


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