28 September, 2020

Peace, Anyone?

An intensifying proxy war, restive neighbours, a downed plane... A truce looks a long way off

Peace, Anyone?

The war in Kargil might have ended. But the larger conflict refuses to die down. Consider these facts:

  • Pakistani intruders still occupy the stray post in Mushkoh, supported by heavy artillery barrages;
  • Brazen attacks on Indian military and para-military outposts by militants in Kashmir are on the rise;
  • Outlook's investigations reveal Chinese movements along the eastern border;
  • Key isi operatives arrested in the Northeast, revealing the extent of isi infiltration in strategic areas;
  • This heightened tension culminates in the shooting down of a Pakistani Atlantique aircraft, killing all 16 on board in the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

    The signals are clear. Three months since the war began in Kargil, the question being asked is whether the armed forces have reached zero-tolerance level. Even more significantly, have they been stretched to the point that no intrusion, if noticed, would be tolerated and no peace-time allowances given?

    In a tense scenario where the gains of diplomacy and the Lahore process seem to be getting diluted, both India and...



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