05 August, 2021

Pawan Kumar Chamling

The Sikkim CM is voted the greenest one by the Centre for Science and Environment

Pawan Kumar Chamling
What in your opinion makes a CM green?
Anyone who understands environmental values and helps preserve links between a healthy environment and quality of life should qualify.

What makes you India's greenest CM?
I don't know. You should ask CSE who did the green rating. I think it was steps like scrapping the ecologically unwise Rathang Chu hydel-project, banning plastic bags in the state, forbidding felling of trees and cattle-grazing in forests, and ecotourism.

Are you an environmentalist or do you respond to public pressures?
I'm just doing my best to preserve one of the world's richest biodiversity hotspots.

What's Sikkim's most pressing environmental problem?
Plundering of its biodiversity. It has to be protected at all costs.

Why don't environmental issues find a place in the political agenda?
One, lack of accountability; two, a sense of insecurity. Once politicians become responsible for people's real problems and once their kursi is assured, things will improve.

You scrapped...

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