26 July, 2021

Pausing For Breath...

Satish Gujral's creative expressions will be on display in Bombay after a gap of three years

Pausing For Breath...
A woman's image comes alive on a stark white painted surface. So utterly captivating is the portrayal that the eye finds it difficult to drift any further. And intertwined with the woman is an animal, stately and assertive, locked in a communion of subtle metaphors.

The painting bears no name. Like all other works of Satish Gujral. One can assume what one wants, trying to fathom the deeper meanings in his quest for subjective reality. "I don't name my paintings. Instead, there are numbers... one, two, three, four," he says. "It is up to the individual to find out what the truth is." As he talks, Gujral lets his voice soften into sententious silence. Reclining on a bright green cushion and attired in immaculate corduroys, the 70-year-old artist gives the impression of someone reflective but perpetually restless. He is a sculptor, a muralist, a painter, an architect. The world knows it. His major murals in association with Le Corbusier are too fascinating to be ignored by even the most casual observer of contemporary art. On January 9, Gujral returns to Bombay's Jehangir...

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