17 June, 2021

Paul Taylor

The legendary guru of modern dance visits India with his celebrated troupe

Paul Taylor
What is the connection between the Paul Taylor Dance Company and the 50th anniversary of Indian Independence?
We've been invited to come here and celebrate the event.

Who has been instrumental in getting the Company to India?
The American Ambassador Frank Wisner extended the invitation. He is a very cultured man and he likes our Company. We were invited to Egypt when he was the ambassador there

How strong is the theme of independence in your dances for India?
The dances are very American. Independence is common in the sense that the Company was started without any help or provocation.

What will your theme convey to the audience here?
God knows. I would like them to see it the way I do but you never know with an audience. It may even seem strange to some people.

How would you rate Indian contemporary dance?
I have seen Chandralekha and she is wow. My impression has just started. I haven't been around to see much.

How difficult is it to get finance for a tour like this?

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