16 June, 2021

Pastures Less Green

Trump is living up to poll rhetoric. More Muslims may find America a mirage.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Pastures Less Green

The Islamophobia that had dominated Donald Trump’s presiden­tial campaign got translated into the US government’s policy on January 27, sadly, coinciding with a day observed in large parts of the world—including Amer­ica—as the International Holocaust Rem­embrance Day in memory of millions of Jews who perished during Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic pogrom. The new president’s measures sparked off large-scale protests in the US, dividing the administration and judiciary vertically. Nearly 100 American diplomats signed a petition questioning the policy, which drew street protests in other countries as well. In the UK, a nation that has traditiona­lly been a close ally of the US, thousands gathered in London to demand the cancellation of Trump’s proposed state visit that included a meeting with the Queen and stay at the Buckingham Palace.

Trump, who had barely been a week in office as America’s president, issued an exe­cutive order, putting on hold for 120 days entry of Syrian refugees into the US and banning...

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