04 March, 2021

Paris Diary

A journalist's diary from the streets of Paris.

Paris Diary
Sartre, For Starters

Francoise Sagan’s bald question, “Are you in love? What are you reading?”, always strikes you as you whizz into the city of amorality and sensualism that made Paris so seductive once upon a time. It’s still beautiful, spoilt and narcissistic, and forces you to be balletic and stylish, not stuffy and prissy. It’s the two questions that define Paris for me, especially in our neighbourhood of St Germain, on the Left Bank, where the phantom of an intense, gripping and ethereal past of angst and existentialism still stalks the cafes and boulevards of this famed arrondissement. Today, for the hordes of clickbait humanoids swarming around, life is meaningless unless your Instagram pics have at least a 1,000 likes. Why am I here, is the panic cry. And then cease to exist!

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