26 September, 2020

Paris Diary

Saravana Bhavan in Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis was different: it served dosas, idlis and uthappam, but with wine and beer. Half its clientele was French.

Paris Diary

Flash Of Flesh, Acres Of Art

Can a city be exciting even if you have been there a few times? For a first-time visitor, sure, any place worth its name offers a cornucopia of delights. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, the Louvre and the Left Bank of the Seine. And, of course, Moulin Rouge and Lido, the two permanent shows which are a must on every Indian’s itinerary. But if you have seen these night spots once, you have seen them for all time to come. Who wants to see the Grand Spectacle and semi-naked ladies doing variations on the same material every time? (Incidentally, in more puritanical times, the government censor frowned on stage shows with unclothed women. But producers found a loophole: it was ok if the showgirls didn’t move on the stage. Lo and behold, every show featured naked women pretending to be statues).

But the one...



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