03 August, 2021

Pargat Singh

Indias long-serving hockey captain retires but promises to help young players

Pargat Singh
Is the decision final or will you change your mind like you did in 1992?
This time it's for good. In 1992, the situation was different. I had quit in a huff. So when K.P.S. Gill requested me to return, I did. I wanted to prove I was still the best.

Aren't you still the best?
Maybe. But there's life beyond an active hockey career. I am 32 and I have played at the highest level for 14 years. Life is so short— I now want to do other things.

I'll edit a hockey magazine, besides promoting hockey at junior and sub-junior levels.

Why the emphasis on junior hockey?
Because that's where our problem lies. India's poor showing is primarily because we simply do not do enough to encourage the game at the junior level.

What exactly is wrong?
Well, there 's no infrastructure. There are no good school and college players. There are at least 100 tournaments in the country but none of them are for the juniors.

But hasn't India's junior team qualified for the World Cup?

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