23 June, 2021

Paresh Maity

The painter talks about his latest exhibition and the gradual evolution of his artistic credo

Photograph by Getty Images
Paresh Maity

Your exhibition Beyond Horizons is a compilation of your works over four deca­des. How much has your style changed over time?

It has a watercolour since I was 12! Till 1990, I did mostly landscapes; it slowly became more figurative. Now it is dominated by the figure. Lately, I’ve delved into mixed media and begun sculpture.

You work with various mediums. How do you choose one?

I pick and choose by mood, and what I want to convey. Landscapes work best in watercolours.

You were awarded the Padma Shri quite early.

It means a lot more responsibility; one feels responsible to make better art.

How do you bring a contemporaneity to artwork from rural Bengal?

I absorb the uniqueness of rural art; depict it in my style.

What is your creative process?

I start with no preconceived ideas. I play with colour and figures emerge, both with painting and sculpture.

While many artists are making ‘daring’...

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