02 August, 2021

Parasites Of Disaster

The other tragedy is what's being done in the name of Bhopal More Coverage

Parasites Of Disaster
On November 25, almost a week before the 18th anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy, 60-odd activists of the global environment watchdog Greenpeace broke into the sealed premises of the Union Carbide plant to "clean up" the 4,000 metric tonnes of lethal chemical waste there. This "direct action" was the latest in the long list of gimmicks by organisations "representing" the interests of the victims.

The "direct action" ended with Greenpeace workers—most of them Europeans—being dragged out of the plant by cops in riot gear. But they got what they wanted—publicity—in ample measure. "The disposal of the chemical waste is a delicate and risky job needing crores of rupees and specialised help. What they were trying to do with ordinary gas masks, spades and a few cans of petrol is beyond me," says a senior functionary of the gas relief department. A week later, 4,000 brooms were presented to a top functionary of Dow Chemicals India, a subsidiary of the new owners of the Union Carbide Company (UCC), in Mumbai to demand that the company dispose of the chemical debris. The...

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