11 May, 2021

Papa, Buy Me The Eiffel

The steel magnate summons all the romance of Paris to gift his daughter—and his guests—a fairytale wedding

Papa, Buy Me The Eiffel

At last a wedding to which we are all invited. The thousand or so guests at the wedding of steel maker Laxmi Mittal's daughter are only interested observers. But aren't we all? Away from those palaces and chateaux, we join all the guests in tripping over those exquisitely unpronounceable French names. Papa Mittal has taught us some new ones. We're checking out all the places he thought of, all the things he thought of doing there, looking at the price-tags of ideas he did not care to look at. There has hardly been a wedding less about groom and bride than about papa and his bills.

Not all of us got that 20-page invite cased in silver, but we almost have the dates down in our diaries. We didn't get the 48-page invitation for the Hinduja family wedding a couple of years back either. These are not invitations to weddings, they are guides to events. When the Indian rich marry, the world has to know of it. The Mittal invite is A4 size and it came with silver, which makes him one-up on the Hindujas, like he is on those rich lists.

Mittal's 'leaked' wedding...

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