29 July, 2021

Pandora With A Noose

Due to their own victimisation, Muslims may start viewing this as state vengeance....

Pandora With A Noose

Everyone knows Afzal Guru was hanged to checkmate the BJP; competitive communalism claimed the poor man’s life. But the subtext is equally important. It seems that the Congress government despatched him to the gallows secure in the knowledge that a Kashmiri’s execution wouldn’t alienate ‘mainstream’ India’s Muslims or make a dent in the party’s Muslim votebank.

Barring “terror modules” on the home ministry’s radar, Indian Muslims are by and large not swayed by Afzal’s or Kasab’s cause. Muslims in Meerut, Murshidabad or Malegaon are hardly sympathetic to Kashm­iri separatism. There is even unease among Muslims over Pak-aided Kashmiris killing Indian soldiers and getting killed in the bargain. The Ind­ian army in Kashmir has captured or shot dead muj­ahideen from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan and Chec­h­nya. But has anyone from Bengal, Bihar or Tamil Nadu waged jehad alongside the Kashmiris? Sonia Gandhi’s and Manmohan Singh’s words are worth recalling. Sonia...

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