15 June, 2021

Pak's Pact With Blood

The view from Washington is clear: Pakistan faces a crisis of credibility, and something more sinister

Pak's Pact With Blood

Under western theories of nuclear deterrence, Pakistan's landgrab would never have occurred. But unlike the Iron Curtain, firing is a common occurrence across the Line of Control dividing Kashmir. Pakistan's newly-demonstrated nuclear might has not reinforced caution. Instead, its leaders have been emboldened to create this crisis in the belief that they have equalised India's conventional superiority, and in the hope that nuclear dangers will prompt outside intervention to resolve the Kashmir issue in their favour.

India's nuclear hawks hardly had this scenario in mind when they praised the virtues of nuclear deterrence. It is now essential, amidst planning for escalatory steps, for India and Pakistan to refrain from any moves that bear upon the nuclear capabilities of the combatants.

The view from Washington is still one of public detachment and private worry in official circles. The attentive public remains focused on the start-up of peace-keeping operations in Kosovo, an extraordinarily difficult and complex undertaking. The punditocracy is still deep in...

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