03 December, 2020

Paks Americana, Phase II

Islamabad has it good both ways: token admonition, a bonanza of aid

Paks Americana, Phase II
Last week witnessed three significant developments which underline the preferential treatment the United States is doling out to Pakistan's 'embedded' leadership. These are, the waiver of democracy sanctions, seeking of additional funds from the US Congress for Pakistan, and token sanctions on Pakistan for nuclear proliferation vis-a-vis North Korea.

Pakistan's Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) imported nuclear missiles from North Korea and in return supplied Pyongyang with enriched uranium for its n-weapons programme. Instead of punishing Pakistan, Washington has imposed mild sanctions on it under an executive order (12938), which merely names a North Korean entity as transferring entity. The order doesn't spell out clearly that KRL was responsible for exporting nuclear material. Ironically, executive order 12938 can only be invoked against nations that supply nuclear material or missile development technology to others.

Had the US explicitly accused KRL of exporting nuclear material, such a linkage would have led to imposition of sanctions under the more stringent...


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