27 July, 2021

‘Pakistan May Be A Lead Player In Chandra’s Venture’

Cricket historian and MCC member Mihir Bose on cricket governing bodies.

‘Pakistan May Be A Lead Player In Chandra’s Venture’

While the latest revelations about the possibility of the Essel group forming a rival cricket governing body has already created ripples in the cricketing world, Nabanita Sircar spoke to cricket historian and MCC member Mihir Bose. Excerpts:

How is Essel’s registration of cricketing bodies with names similar to existing ones being seen in England?

It has attracted the attention of the ECB because it didn’t like what Lalit Modi did by launching the IPL, and let me tell you Modi does not get along with ECB president Giles Clarke. The Big Three, that is, India, England and Australia, are seen as some cricketing club and other countries are being left out. The Essel group’s interest is seen as a revenge attack.

Is England county cricket more vulnerable to such an offer?

They could be. English cricket has not recovered from the launch of the IPL. Lalit Modi always exaggerates, but this time, not without merit. If a rival cricketing organisation can provide a...

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