18 September, 2020

“Pak Trying To Finish ­Off J&K By Radicalising ­Kashmiris”

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar on the unrest in Kashmir, Article 370 and the future of BJP's relationship with Muslims and Christians.

Photograph by Jitender Gupta
“Pak Trying To Finish ­Off J&K By Radicalising ­Kashmiris”

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar is wid­ely believed to have created the Ras­htriya Muslim Manch, an RSS-inspired organisation for Muslims. In a freewheeling conversation with Bula Devi, he insists that he was never named in any FIR in a Hindutva terror case. He explains that India finally has a clear ­policy and vision on Kashmir and Pakistan as the two issues are now being dealt with sep­arately. Exc­erpts from the interview:

How do you assess the unrest in Kashmir?

There are two separate issues—India versus Pakistan and India-Kashmir. Pakistan is trying to finish off Kashmir by radicalising Kas­hmiris, whipping up their emotions, arming them.... Pakistan can’t get over the fact that it was part of India before 1947 and they are worried on every front. India has never shown aggression against other countries. But that is not the case with Pakistan, which hasn’t shown any humanity towards the people of Sindh, Balochis­tan and Pakhtoonistan. They want India and...



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