24 June, 2021

Paint The Town Blue

Art is now rescuing public walls from rampant vandalism

Apoorva Salkade
Paint The Town Blue

Tulsi Pipe Road, running north from Mahalaxmi to Mahim in central Mumbai, would have been just another arterial stretch, script brown-grey wall separating railway tracks from a smattering of old-and-new apartments and commercial complexes—were it not for an irresistibly bright, impressionistic riot of colours.

Over the last six months, five km of the wall along Tulsi Pipe Road have become home to wall art. The artists—a motley group of young professionals, collegians, pavement-dwellers, even vagabonds—justifiably claim it as “our wall” and rush to clean up any defacement. What’s more, the stuffy Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has adopted The Wall Project (TWP), chaos and all, as part of its policy to beautify Mumbai.

Public art is what public does; therefore the wall displays maturity alongside madness, rude graffiti alongside preachy slogans. Sample this: a splash of bright colours advertise the advice, “Save Trees”, another piece of wall goes edgy with “Earth ka...

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