24 November, 2020

Painless Therapy

Doctors introduce a new technique to tackle prostate ailments

Painless Therapy

TILL recently, the only way to get rid of an enlarged prostate gland was through surgery. Now, doctors worldwide are using a partially non-invasive technique called TUNA (Trans-Urethral Needle Ablation) to delete the offending flab—a procedure which is also being gradually introduced in India.

The walnut-sized prostate gland, which surrounds the neck of the urinary bladder and urethra and secretes a liquid constituent of the semen, grows in size with age, narrowing the urinary corridor. This usually leads to incontinence and associated problems, necessitating a painful operation. On an average, about 25 per cent of the male population suffer from an enlarged prostate, of which 10-15 per cent require surgery.

Originally intended to cure certain heart ailments, the TUNA technique’s California-based inventors, VIDAMED Inc, gave free demonstrations of the breakthrough at the Kolmet and Apollo hospitals in Delhi recently. Says Arvind Sharma, a urologist from the US who performed the operations: "This is just to...



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