21 October, 2020

Page 3 Girl

The land of Mae West and Marilyn Monroe will not take our absence lying down.

Illustration by Saahil
Page 3 Girl

Forty-five is too young to die. Mae West was blooming at that age. Today’s women with their passion for fitness and fabulous figures go strong at 45. Why should I be ‘retired’ at this age? England is now unrecognisable, it’s an area of darkness without the Sun girls. There is no justice in the world. Old man Murdoch can tap other people’s phones, hack e-mails and do more ‘naughty’ things. He gets away with these. What have we done to get the boot, or in our case, the bum? Forty-five years we delighted the people of England and now without a thank you we are out. Didn’t Murdoch know that we were a British institution? I would say more than an institution. People had to go out to watch Buckingham palace, Lord’s cricket ground, Oxbridge colleges, Stratford-on-Avon and so on. We, the Page 3 topless girls, came to them on our own. All they had to do was open their doors, pick up the Sun, flip the pages and there we were in full glory. We held up the men’s morale and other things! 

Why then the great...



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