12 May, 2021

Owais Husain

The artist son of painter-in-exile M.F. Husain on his first exhibition in Mumbai in a decade

Owais Husain

Your show is titled Three Worlds.

The three worlds are between the heart, the mind and the soul. The biggest wars that rage everyday are between our hearts and minds. They are the root cause for everything.

You move beyond one particular art form.

All my life I have used music, cinema, poetry, photography, sculpture to help me evolve as a painter. As I was exploring them, I felt they were no more slaves to my studio and should be brought into the public domain.

Was the ten-year gap a reflection period?

In a way, yes. I painted everyday. I explored the other art forms and also made three movies. I exhibited in different parts of the world.

A unique display of your poetry here....

I wanted the display room to be dark to give it the feel of an interior chamber portraying a sense of the unresolved. The idea behind the use of a torch to read the poems is to let you discover as much as you are inquisitive.

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