27 February, 2021

Over The Top?

India's protest against NATO attacks angers the US

Over The Top?

WHAT is the impact in America of the protests by India, China and Russia against nato attacks on the Serbs? The US Administration, apparently, is "furious" with India for its high-profile protest at the UN against nato attacks. Why did India make it a point to stick it to nato when most countries were ranged against the Serbs? What purpose did India's protest serve? Wouldn't it have been in India's interests to be less shrill about this and to work behind the scenes? These are the questions the Administration is asking. While the US understands Russia's historical links with the Serbs and China's opposition, it finds India's protests a little "over the top".

"We find it regrettable that India has not acknowledged Serbian actions, especially human rights abuses," said a senior official. "They only talked about it in an oblique way. We would hope that the Indian government would take exception to the activities in which the Serbs have been involved—forcing tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians from their homes and massacring them."


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