22 October, 2020


The persecuted gay community in India now finds a timely sanctuary in the virtual world


HOMOSEXUALITY, that dreaded word. How does one deal with an alternative sexuality, knowing that it's taboo and unacceptable to almost everyone. Often including yourself. It doesn't matter how educated you are or how rich you are or even how cool your attitude is, but being gay hits you hard in the face. A double wham-my which hurts for a long long time. Support then becomes crucial for a gay person. Reaching out, with just that objective, is 32-year-old "with it" businessman Anuj Chatterjee, with India's first gay website: members.tripod.com/gaynewdelhi.

The site started, appropriately enough, to announce a party, an important part of the gay culture. Says Chatterjee, "I felt that a lot of people didn't know where to get in touch or how to get information." So, a one-page party map site saw numerous expansions, now to boast of as many as 75 links, with many new ones being added all the time. The reason for its quick growth and success (it gets a small but steady average of 400 hits a day) is the isolation that most gays...



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