18 June, 2021

The Machines With Differences

It’s not just a matter of props and attachments. There are extra weights, and stronger rims and spokes.

The Machines With Differences

As the sun sets over the horizon, and sky grows dark, the BSF Janbaz team lines up a few bikes to explain how the Royal Enfield Bullets are modified for its stunts. To outsiders, they look like normal bikes with a few props and attachments, some white and others black. But when Awadhesh Kumar Singh, team leader, explains the intricacies, it opens a whole new world. “There are dozens of modifications, but mostly on the chassis. The engines are generally untouched. I will explain some of them to you,” he says.

For example, extra weights were attached to a couple of bikes. They were wrapped in black cloth, attached to the frame of the front tire. They were bricks on vehicles where the rider stands on a pole or a ladder, both 16 feet 5 inches in height, and controls the vehicle with the prop, his legs, and shifts in his angle. When the rider is perched so high, the centre of gravity shifts backwards, and there is tendency for the front tire to leave the ground that results in bumps. The weights help to shift the centre of gravity forward to stabilise the...

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