30 July, 2021

Out Of Sight? Never!

Skype keeps the flame alive across 500 miles or more

Out Of Sight? Never!

How does one bring intimacy to virtual communication? Skype sought to do just that with their video-chatting platform in 2003. It was such a game-changer that it entered our lexicon and has since bec­ome a verb. You could google this, if you weren’t busy skyping. And though it isn’t the only way to do it—there’s alsoGoogle Chat, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger—it is Skype that’s become synonymous with live video calls.

It wouldn’t be counterintuitive to say it’s people in long-distance relationships who experience most intimately the way Skype changed the intimacy factor in online communication. Distance, time zones and the possibility of not seeing one’s partner for months might have ended many rel­ationships, breaking millions of hearts before 2003. But that, as they say, is history.Today’s long-distance couples have found in Skype the virtuality—unavailable to the world of pre-2003 courtship—that makes face-to-face conversation across miles of separation just a couple clicks away. So distance...

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