12 April, 2021

Out, Damned Spot!

Absolution for Modi? Maybe a visit to the Ajmer dargah could help.

Illustration by Sorit
Out, Damned Spot!

Narendra Modi may have got a clean chit from the sit in the Gulberg society case but this is a small peg on which the case for and against Modi rests. By itself this peg means very little. So what can he do to redeem himself? Can he outlive his past? Narendra Modi should do what Pakistan’s deputy attorney general, Muhammad Khurshid Khan, did as penance. On his visit to India, Khan spent hours cleaning and shining devotees’ shoes at a Delhi gurudwara as penance, so upset was he by the killing of a Sikh man by a Taliban group in Pakistan two years ago. Modi needs to make a gesture of spectacular repentance and apology for 2002.

To some extent, there has been an apology for the Sikh riots from the Congress party. Manmohan Singh is the prime minister partly because of this. Modi can in fact learn from the Gandhis. The Gandhi dynasty, after the Sikh riots, has ensured great security for itself by apologising for the violence, because they know and understand the transience of power. They know that desperate people cannot be...

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