05 August, 2021

Our Playlist Morphs Into Khajuraho It’s Sanskari

The digital age has held up a salad bowl of the sexual. Paromita Vohra looks at the polyphonic eco-system of desire and custom of young, ‘liberated’ Indians.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Our Playlist Morphs Into Khajuraho It’s Sanskari

Of late, my LinkedIn account is a regular recipient of an unexpected kind of proposition. Bus­iness-like in tone, promising cus­­tomer satisfaction, are male sex workers catering specifically to women. Armed with a clear rate card and corporate tone, these provide a detailed menu—from erotic massage to cunnilingus to penetrative sex. They are a stepped up version of accounts on Tinder, self-des­cribing as gigolos, alongside Tinder profiles of Tarot card readers claiming to predict your romantic future, thereby revealing, perhaps, the twin quests of intimacy.

This is how I connected with Amit (name changed on request) a nondescript, but neat looking man in his 30s with an unassuming manner. A software engineer by day, he said he liked servicing women, as it gave him a certain pleasure and peace to see them happy. “Women should be loved, you know.” This may have been an affectation, but to me, it sounded entirely sincere.

Did he have a girlfriend? Sometimes. Were his clients regular? Sometimes.

In most accounts of gigolos,...

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