24 November, 2020

Other Side Of The Vale

We must move on from vague liberal concerns about ‘Indian brutality in Kashmir' to a detailed study of the damage being caused to our still fragile democracy.

Other Side Of The Vale

Vinod Mehta (Delhi Diary, October 30) raised a good if somewhat obvious point about the unlikelihood of an operation like Chitsinghpura being directed from New Delhi. I have no time for conspiracy theories and I could not have been so thoughtless or cynical as to have ever suspected that anyone in New Delhi could have cold-bloodedly sanctioned the murders in Chitsinghpura.

But I don't think giving clean chits to the government gets us out of a reckoning with the basic facts: that the Sikhs were killed in circumstances that can only be called mysterious; that the government blamed Pakistan-backed guerrillas and has not managed to produce a shred of evidence so far; that some security officers organised the murder of five innocent men in an effort to manufacture the necessary evidence and then fired upon and killed nine demonstrators protesting against the murders.

Such a series of events demands, to say the least, a careful and thorough investigation. What I find strange is that we don't...



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