01 August, 2021

OSM 2018

‘Let the best hashtag win.’ The second edition of the Outlook Social Media awards.

Photograph by JS Adhikari
OSM 2018

“I...don’t need Bollywood or record ­companies to reach people or popularise my music. I have social media. Through ­social media, I can reach the entire world.” These were the words of rapper Vivian Fernandes, who goes by his ­professional name, Divine. That, in a nutshell, defines the power that social media wields today. Such is this power that today you do not need any other medium to reach people across ages, walks of life and political and religious orientations. Celebrities, sportsmen and politicians alike are using social media to reach more people than was ever ­conceivable before.

The Outlook Social Media Awards come at a time when social media has become an integral part of our everyday life. What we eat, where we go, who we befriend and what we talk about are all being dictated and followed on social media. Outlook celebrates the icons who have used social media to the hilt in ­pursuing their goals, bringing society much to celebrate in the bargain.

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