14 June, 2021

Oslo Diary

There’s a restaurant called ‘Gandhi’, jointly owned by a Pakistani and an Indian. The Mahatma would be pleased.

Oslo Diary

Sky-blazer land

Famous for the surreal beauty of summer’s midnight sun, Norway is equally the best place to watch the winter pyrotechnics of the northern lights. This year, the aurora borealis spread its electrifying luminescence all the way south to Oslo fjord, setting off a Facebook frenzy. The country’s 1,190 fjords, with glaciated mountains cut by the icy blue fingers of the Atlantic, offer some mind-blowing treks. But one doesn’t have to go far to trek: semi-circling Oslo is a forest with lakes and hills, with the Olympic Holmenkollen ski-jump blazing on the skyline.

Last year, the number of Indians visiting Norway crossed 8,500—the more adventurous drawn to the white Arctic winter, when the snow glitters everywhere like diamonds and the bare tree branches are etched in living Swarovski artworks in ice. In the Arctic cities of Tromsoe or Kirkenes, one can spend a day sledding with reindeer or huskies and retire to the comfort of the Snow hotel in Kirkenes, built afresh by Chinese sculptors every winter with ice blocks...

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