25 February, 2021

Oranges For Lemons

No leadership, no gameplan and hurtling from crisis to crisis, the BJP is in a right royal soup

Jitender Gupta
Oranges For Lemons

Has the party of the gods lost the plot completely? For not a single creative political idea now emerges from the BJP. Following the Gujarat MoS for home Amit Shah’s arrest in Ahmedabad, it’s clear that, beset with crisis after crisis, the country’s main opposition party is trapped into defending the indefensible. If during the last session of Parliament the BJP became a butt of jokes as it waited in vain to form a government in Jharkhand with a man they once loved to revile, now the sheen has come off the showpiece Narendra Modi government in Gujarat. And this time, there is no communal Hindu-Muslim faultline to be exploited in the cases of extortion and murder involving a minister so close to Modi. In fact, there are fears that in public perception the whole anti-terror operations of the state government will now be painted as a cover for an extortion racket.

For the party, it’s been an unhappy season of scandal. Before being forced by circumstances to defend Amit Shah for murder and extortion, the BJP (which...

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