15 June, 2021

Optimism Rules

Rabin's death has ironically spurred Israeli peace moves

Optimism Rules
In the eyes of the world at Yitzhak Rabin's funeral, one of his closest aides pulled out a sheet of paper stained with the assassinated Israeli prime minister's blood. On it were the words of the peace song which the leader had sung just moments before he was killed. It was perhaps the greatest affirmation that the commitment to peace remained as strong as ever.

The assassin has obviously not achieved his purpose. If anything, the fallout of the killing on November 4 last year has been exactly the opposite of what he had hoped for. More than two months after the death which traumatised the nation, more and more Israelis are pledging support for the late leader's peace plan.

Taking advantage of this, Rabin's successor Shimon Peres has moved at breakneck speed to implement agreements with the Palestinians and push through accords with his Arab neighbours.

Earlier, the country was split down the middle on the issue of Palestinian autonomy, with each Arab bomb attack hardening the stance of even the most dovish of Israelis. But Rabin's assassination changed all...

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